STAR WARS Tiny Bathroom Makeover for Kids Under 300$

Do you have a tiny bathroom? check.

Do you have crazy kids? check.

Do you want your bathroom to feel cool yet classy at the same time? check.

Does your bathroom currently look outdated from floor to ceiling with water damage and old peeling vinyl from HELL?? (ok maybe just vinyl from 1990)



What to do? PAINT

As a DIYer on a stringent budget, paint is my best friend. I truly side with, “when in doubt – paint it.” So I did just that.

I painted the cabinets, the walls, the ceiling – even the trim. For the floor, we pulled up all the vinyl and laid  grout-able vinyl tiles, which turned out amazing!

Here are the steps I took. I recommend not doing the floor first like I did. If you paint first you don’t have to worry about getting paint on your new floor!

(I do not have an affiliation with Lowes. I just happen to get almost everything there. I usually buy paint at lowes and light fixtures at home depot.)

For the WALLS:

  • White Trim and Stripe: Cabinet and Trim Paint in High Gloss Enamel
  • Bottom Wall Portion: Olympic D16-2 “Quill” – Egg Shell
  • Top Wall and Ceiling: One Tint LIGHTER than the above. It will look like it it white, but it isn’t!
  • Cabinet Paint: Olympic 5006-2C “Sable Evening” – Semigloss (I LOVE THIS COLOR!! I used this on my living room mantel too!

For the FLOOR:

  • Armstrong Crescendo 12-in x 12-in Groutable French Gray Peel-and-Stick Stone Residential Vinyl Tile  LOWES
  • Premixed Grout “Antique Beige” Gray would also look great.
  • Grout Float
  • Sponge
  • Bucket
  • White Calk to seal bathtub


The wall art is from TJ Maxx for 20$

StarWars curtain was at Target for 18$

I also had to replace wall fixtures. I bought a set from Lowes for 20$



When you are on a budget you have to fight the temptation to tear everything out. It would be nice, but replacing the cabinet was just too much money. After painting the cabinet dark, the white countertop looked clean and bright! I love it!

Painting a white stripe on the wall makes the room look upscale and classy without having to buy trim. I got this idea from doing the same thing in our other house.

I can confidently say that I now LOVE this bathroom!







Buckwheat Berry Blintzes (Sugar-free!)

Ever since I signed up for the Spartan Super I’ve been getting all these emails with their healthy recipes. Only problem; the only way they inspire me is to make something better. (Spartan Races, you are welcome to fire your current recipe developer and hire me anytime)



When I received the recipe for their Berry Blintzes and read the recipe I was already thinking about how I would make it different. And let me tell you a little secret… if it was a cooking competition, I would’ve crushed their recipe into the ground!! (Sometimes I can be a little competitive…. )

I started by using a super secret family recipe for Swedish Pancakes and swapping out the white flour for organic buckwheat flour. I then omitted the sugar and added a pinch of stevia. I’m not too worried about sharing this secret recipe because A) with the Internet, nothing is secret anymore and B) I think only 10 people read my blog anyway. ;)

You are going to love how incredibly easy these are to make by using an underdog kitchen tool : the blender! Kiss messy pancakes GOODBYE!!!

(I like using a regular old blender because it’s easy to pour, but a fancy bullet or ninja will do.)

If you make these, comment below and share your photos!!! Or tag me in Instagram @knicole87climb


(Makes 4-5 servings. Approx 200 calories each)


2/3 cup Buckwheat Flour

1 cup milk (Ive only tried 2% and whole)

2 eggs

pinch stevia (optional)

pinch of sea salt


4 oz of cream cheese (I used Greek)

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

maple syrup

butter or choice



For the Filling-

In a small glass bowl, microwave the frozen strawberries and cream cheese for 30 sec. (You want to warm it all up just a tiny bit, but it will still be icy when you blend it.) Using a hand mixer or small food processor, combine the cream cheese and blueberries. You can leave blueberry chunks if you like, or blend until smooth.

For the Blintzes-

In a blender, combine the first 5 ingredients.

In a small – medium non-stick pan (do not use a griddle. The batter will go everywhere!!) bring the heat to medium high and coat with a little butter or cooking spray.

Pour in the batter until a thin layer covers the pan. DO NOT walk away! These cook fast!! You will see bubbles forming and when there is only a small pool of raw batter left, flip and cook an additional 30sec. Done! Make more!


Once you’ve finished your thin pancakes, spread a good amount of blueberry cream cheese down the center of the pancake and roll it up. Drizzle a little maple syrup on top and BOOM! You have yourself a delicious, sugar free treat you won’t believe is healthy. Just TRY eating only one.

(Remember to use maple syrup sparingly! A little goes a long way! I used 1/2 tsp on each.)

I hope you will try this one and let me know!

Love – Kristi Nicole





Why I Quit Beachbody Coaching: IS COACHING Right For YOU?


Photo on 2-18-16 at 10.28 AM #3


First, this is not an article to bash Beachbody Coaching. You’ll see that I list many positive reasons to join. Second, this is not a sneaky way to get people to be coaches because well – I’m done, I don’t have a team anymore! (That seems like, duh, right? But sadly I’ve seen posts like this actually be a way to reel in more coaches.)

If you are asking, “Is COACHING right for ME?” You definitely want to read this. Because as much as we hear that it’s a DREAM JOB and anyone can do it, the truth is that Beachbody Coaching is still a JOB that requires WORK, and it may very well not be the right job for you. I hope that this article will help you come to the decision that is right for you.


The last week of July 2014 I became a Beachbody coach after being a fitness instructor at the YMCA for over a year. I met Adam** there who suggested I get a certification to teach PiYO. I later found out that he was one of the most successful Beachbody coaches in the area! How cool!

After watching the PiYO LIVE video I thought, “Well, this looks kinda dumb and I would probably never take a class like that.” I’m just being honest here…I like yoga that is not choreographed… just like I like my life – a little raw, a little messy, a little more intuitive. But, I decided, what the hey – I’ll give it a go!

After the certification, which was truly a blast and I met some amazing people I decided to jump head first into Beachbody coaching as a supplement to everything else I was already doing.  Plus, my husband was active duty Navy, so it was free for me to join. Adam did try to get me to buy a challenge pack right off the bat, but I said no because I needed to do my research first. I also made a long term plan to try the business out for 1 year and if I wasn’t making enough money by then I would drop it like its pluto.

My Rise to Emerald in 30 Days:

After doing the Team Rhino Training and starting to understand the business a little more, I decided to give Shakeology a try, as this was obviously the cornerstone of the business. I decided that if Shakeology did not do the things it claimed, I would quit Beachbody within the first month. I created my first group called, “Mythbusters: Shakeology” where I got other friends together that were interested in trying Shakeo for the first time. We took a more scientific approach and collected data based on our results. For more info on that group go HERE. I easily gained 1 coach on each leg, advanced to Emerald and was already paying for my Shakeology within the first month. I was also getting great leadership training for free. Worth it? YES.

Immediately, Adam shared a post of my success in the group, giving me public recognition for my advancement. I didn’t think this was necessary, but this is a BIG part of Beachbody (think Summit…etc) and one thing I actually don’t like, and here’s why: While it is nice to be recognized every now and then, public recognition is VERY different than your boss saying good job. The REAL intention here, is to get other workers to desire the same recognition and work to get it. (I KNOW that coaches are not intentionally being manipulative. I’m definitely not saying that.)

What I AM trying to say: I don’t do things to the best of my ability for a pat on the back and neither should you. Do things to the best of your ability for the sake of intrinsic integrity. A business that promotes too much recognition (cars, trips, celebrity-like recognition …etc) rather than a set income is a major red flag! This is applicable to ANY MLM business you may be researching!


So, when I got the Emerald Certificate – it was nice but that’s all I had. I didn’t want high fives and high hopes – I wanted money… Naturally, because this is a business after all and I was already putting in hours each day of, you guessed it – WORK.

You’ll hear a lot of contradictions in the Beachbody world. You’ll hear the diamond coaches say “you have put in the WORK. You work THEN you get paid. You can’t expect to take a month off and still make money.” But then you see photos of them at the beach saying, “I love it when my office is HERE!”… but the truth is, whether you consider social media to be work or not, it takes TIME and Time=Money: TRUTH.

So here is my list of things that made me reconsider being a Beachboy Coach.

Do things to the best of your ability for the sake of intrinsic integrity.


I may have had too much fun with this…

Photo on 2-18-16 at 10.33 AM-5

#1 – A TON of TIME on the Computer/Phone

If you are already a computer/social media person – Beachbody IS PERFECT for you! For me, it was not. From August to November I found myself increasingly on my phone/computer. I set aside time for work, but was still distracted because I was working at home. My husband could hardly talk to me in the car because I was messaging/sharing links/ posting all the time. Even worse and another contradiction, I noticed I was having a harder time staying lean because I was sitting on my ASS all day! Yes, I still taught fitness classes but mathematically 1 hour of exercise + 15 hrs of ass in chair = less caloric burn than running around for 10 hrs chasing kids, cleaning and doing lawn work. For someone who’s passion is being active outside and working out OUTSIDE I found this to be a contradiction of personal interest.

#2 – You are a reflection of the PRODUCT

To be a successful Beachbody coach you have to drink Shakeology daily and be OK with working out at home using one of Beachbody’s programs. If you are in a time crunch, a stay at home mom/dad – joining an online challenge group to motivate you to stick with a program can truly change your life. For me, though, this did not work because I never did a home workout program and it didn’t make sense for me to. As a fitness instructor I was already working out 4 days a week, plus climb days. I train at home only if I have to and I don’t like it. Period.

On a positive note, I did try the 3- Day Refresh with amazing results! Check that out HERE.

To wrap up, I still strongly support Beachbody programs and YES they work! But if you’re constantly training outside, or prefer to workout outside your home (and can actually be consistent about it…) then Beachbody may not be for you.

#3 – Tough Money

I say this is tough money because getting one measly SC point is like playing the lottery. Sometimes you will get someone that says, “I’ve been looking into this Challenge Pack and couldn’t find a coach, I’m so glad I found you. I’m ready to buy NOW!” But what you’re more likely to get is people that do not want to commit or spend the money and most of all, do not want to be convinced to. This is where I personally drew the line. I would tell people the facts – but I also never tried to convince someone to buy a Challenge Pack so I could get extra SC points. This is where many Beachbody coaches get a bad reputation as being salesy, pushy and downright annoying (can I punch you through Facebook messenger?) There is probably a good way to get SC through link clicks and such, but I never learned how to do this successfully. Each SC point that I earned was a result of a lot of nurturing.

Lastly, you WILL work for hours and make very little at first. (Expect to work 6 hours a day 5-7 days a week to be successful.) If you have the extra time and gumption to put this investment in, you may very well find yourself with a sufficient cash flow in due time. What I found, though, is that with each month I felt like I had to start over. New SC quote, new products, new deals that I needed to promote to make SC. I did have a bit of residual income from Shakeology HD sales, but once again – the issue with this is that most people will NOT order Shakeology every month…unless they are coach and have to to keep 90PV… and so the ball rolls.

This is a major fault in the business in my opinion. Beachbody claims  that the goal is to sell the product, which makes it a non- pyramid scheme. Yet, what you really have to do, is recruit coaches, because that is the only way to ensure that the people under you will spend the 90PV a month. Normal customers will NOT buy Shakeology every month for more than a few months at a time.

#4 Finding and Retaining a Strong Team

After reaching Emerald the next big step is to go for Diamond. When you reach Diamond, Beachbody is much more than a side-thing. It is a full-out, full-time job. I remember Adam* congratulating me on making Emerald in my first month and I replied, “I’ll feel like I deserve more recognition if I make it to Diamond by the end of this year.” I imagine he was seeing stars and was thrilled to have someone with a self-starting, go getter attitude. Unfortunately, what I found was that becoming Diamond was not that easy. It meant more than just selling a challenge pack or bag of Shakeology (which is hard enough); it meant getting two other people to take the same risk of investing their time and money into the Beachbody Business. If it was easy for me, I should be able to get others to do it – correct?


I tried everything. I formed a team. I held a team meeting for new-comers, talking about the business side of things and how to advance… what was the problem? Well, there are so many reasons, but one issue I had was selling success when I was not even successful myself yet. Also, someone who is going to make it in this business has to have somewhat of a perfect storm. The person has to enjoy posting on social media, has to be capable of completing online trainings and learning the system, has to inspire others, and also has to be able to reach out to people that would be willing to spend money on fitness programs and Shakeology.

As an emerald coach I had to find others that could do the same, yet I was still not getting much to show for it. I also refused to convince family members to “support me” by signing up as coaches under me, because in my opinion, if that is what is took to be successful, I didn’t want it anyway. Of course I told them about it and asked them to try Shakeology – and many did, but they did not want to be bothered with the business.


Effective or Annoying? 

#5 Fees

Beachbody has some annoying fees. There is a monthly business charge of 15$ if you are a coach and a 40$ joining fee. These can be waived if you are active duty military.

There is a quarterly club membership fee of 38.87$ that drives me insane. They tried to make the club membership more valuable last year by adding web streamed workouts – but alas – the majority of people never use it. People might actually use their site for food/workout tracking if it was actually modernized but I don’t think the website interface has been changed since the company started. Basically, it sucks.

#6 Working at Home

This might sound like a luxury but the grass is not always greener on the other side. It’s worth giving it a try, but personally, I found it difficult to focus. I also felt like I was ALWAYS working. I was basically on-call. Sometimes it’s nice to know what hours you will work and what hours you will be home so that you can give your family your 100% attention and love.

#7 Informercials with Better Deals

First, informercials on TV are annoying. Can we agree on this? I actually did not have TV when I signed up with Beachbody, so I didn’t realize how damn annoying their commercials were. After coaching for a year and a half I got cable and saw how many channels Beachbody products are sold on. I was shocked! Not only that, a customer can order through this and have 2 benefits that you as a coach can NOT provide for a challenge pack. 1)Free Shipping and 2)Payment in installments.

#8 Authenticity

Maybe I should bump this up to #1? Being authentic as mentioned previously, and on my FB page… and everywhere else, is probably one of the most important things to me as a blogger and fitness proffessional.  Why? Because of all the people who AREN’T authentic. Fitness is a personal thing. It’s also multi-tiered. It’s not just about how big your muscles are or how you look in photos (or the team you have that does your hair and edits the photos). It’s about mental and emotional strength and balance. It’s about being the best YOU and not selling into the lie that in order to be inspiring you have to get extra lean and get fake breasts. (For men, maybe that’s get extra buff and lean and have the hairline of a 15 year old…) IDK! Damn! – Honestly, if you want to keep your sanity while pursuing fitness I would advise getting away from the TV screen and mainstream fitness all together and go outside and accomplish a physical goal that isn’t having a six pack. Go hike the PCT or John Muir Trail; the trees, sky, air and water hold no judgement. You won’t compare yourself to a fat or skinny squirrel or other person in woods that may be way fitter than you but you can’t tell because they haven’t showered in days and look like they just crawled out of The Walking Dead.


What I’m trying to say is the day you start posting on FB that you are a Beachbody coach and start telling your friends, family and acquaintances about it, people will question the intentions or authenticity of your friendship. They might even distance themselves from you. This is something to consider and ask yourself “is it’s worth it?”

Go hike the PCT or John Muir Trail; the trees, sky, air and water hold no judgement…


As I approached 9 months of coaching and did not see the growth I wanted, even after a push to form a successful team, I took a trip to Smith Rock, Oregon to recollect my thoughts. I took my oil paints and my climbing gear and spent 5 days having the time of my life! By the time I had come home I had had a moment of clarity: I did not mention Shakeology or Beachbody ONCE on my entire trip. Why?  It didn’t matter. Climbers typically don’t even have an address. Plus, they are the most ripped and leanest sexy beasts out there and they don’t get a single dime for it; and probably never will. From that day on I committed my heart and life back to the things I love most, painting, climbing, family… and food – not that that one ever went away – I will always be obsessed with food.


Plus, they are the most ripped and leanest sexist beasts out there and they don’t get a single dime for it… and probably never will.

Today, I am a happier person. I feel that during the months that I worked the hardest as a Beachbody coach, I fought the most with my husband and spent less quality time with my kids. (Pretty ironic right?). Now, I make 5x more money, work less, and can put more energy toward pursuing other career goals. (In my most successful month of coaching I made roughly 400$. Subtract the 97$ on Shakeo and that’s only 300$)


The moral of the story IS: If you can get the military discount, giving Beachbody a chance costs next to nothing. (You do still have to factor in your time and reputation.) IF you can’t get the military waiver but are the type of person I described above (at home a lot, extra time, a little extra money and wants to get in shape) Beachbody is STILL worth it. You will gain leadership and social media experience and it could open MANY doors for you! If you would like a coach you can still contact me and I will give your contact to one of the amazing coaches I personally know!

As for me, I’m onto my next adventure!

~ Cheers!

**Name changed to respect privacy of the coach.










30 Minute Restorative Broth for Cold and Flu



Restorative Broth sounds so refined doesn’t it? I actually got this term thanks to Downton Abbey which has a few funny scenes including one of the maids (Danker) claiming to make a delicious broth, only to be full-out bluffing.  Ironically, when she is asked to make the broth, they can hardly smell it without gagging but Victoria Crawley ends up liking it! Strange old lady…

Today we are resting at home with a cold bug in the house. These days are always bitter sweet for me. I have to make arrangements and cancel all work plans for the day until Alex returns home from work. But then, I get the joy of taking care of my kids and getting in some extra snuggle time. With a 102.7 fever, sore throat and cough (he tested negative for the flu) all he wanted was some hot soup. Thus, the restorative broth was born!

This broth is pure and delicious, yet not too rich in flavor. It only takes 30 minutes to make and now that I’ve made it, I might start making this once a week and storing the broth in glass jars. I usually go through 1-2 cartons of chicken broth each week so it will take a bit more time, but save me 2.50$ per carton. Plus, I know what’s in it AND it tastes better. Definitely worth it!

(Make 1-2 jars full and use during the week. Don’t make too much because it is not shelf stable. If you have a little extra, pour into ice cube trays and freeze for quick broth you can add to anything!)

You can play around with spices and make a vegan version as well. All you need is a large wire strainer. If you don’t have one, get one NOW! No excuses.


Classic Restorative Broth Recipe 

1 natural/organic chicken breast

10 peppercorns

1 inch peice of ginger, washed well

1 bay leaf

1 tsp Himilayan Sea Salt

1-2 large carrot, cut into large peices

1/2 onion, wedged

6 cups filtered water

(Other spices to try: Star Anise, Cinimmon Stick, Coriander, Lavender, Garlic)

(Other flavorings to try: fennel, celery root, parsnip)


Vegan Restorative Broth

1 Fennel Bulb

1 Onion

1 Celery stick or Celery root

2 Carrots

1 Bay Leaf

1 inc peice ginger

10 peppercorns

1 tsp Himilayan sea salt



Bring water to a boil and add the chicken first. When it turns white, add everything else (including spices). Bring to a rolling boil, then turn down to a simmer. Boil partially covered for 25 minutes. Remove the chicken and immediately put it in a bowl of ice water to Blanche. Strain the broth once or twice though a wire strainer. And serve!

I sliced the carrots, rinsed them and returned them to the broth. You can pull the chicken and store in Tupperware for another recipe or add it back to the broth with some cooked brown rice or pasta for a chicken soup. Oh, the possibilities!














5 Recipes for a Dye-Free St.Patty’s

Do you love St.Patty’s?  As a part Irish, part Italian white girl growing up in the U.S. it’s fun to celebrate what little traditions and culture I feel like I have. And now that I have kids, there is nothing more fun that turning all foods (and beer? No wait thats for me.) GREEN as another way to celebrate. BUT, – I do not like artificial food dyes. And as much as I want a McDonalds Shamrock Shake, I’ve actually found out how to make one at home that makes me feel a million times better on the inside! Try one or ALL of these recipes this year and have a happy healthy holiday!

irish pancake

“Luck-O-The-Irish” Banana Pancakes 

This one is so crazy easy when you use a blender. You can even pour easier from the blender’s spout without making a mess. Thank mom, your a Genius.

Also, pancakes are easy to make look good on the screen, but unfortunately, you can’t taste them. (Taste-O-Vision!?)

This is the ULTIMATE and best pancake recipe I’ve ever had…and I’ve tried a lot. With 217 reviews and 5 stars on, it’s a winner! Your family will love you forever. I’ve changed the recipe a bit to make it healthier with no change to awesomeness. (I use this same base recipe for pumpkin and sweet potato pancakes as well!)


1 1/2 cups flour (try any flour you want or a blend of your favorites such as coconut, spelt or whole wheat)
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 large eggs, at room temperature
1 1/4 cups milk, at room temperature (Just pop it in the microwave. If you don’t, your butter will not stay smooth.)
1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
2 tablespoons unsalted butter or coconut oil, slightly melted

2 TBS unsweetened apple sauce (Either this, or one more TBS of butter.)


1 small banana

1/2 cup spinach

Blend all wet ingredients plus Sugar, Banana and Spinach on High until fully incorporated. Add all dry ingredients and pulse until batter forms! Do not over-blend!
Melt the butter in a large cast iron skillet or griddle over medium heat.

Keeping the skillet at medium heat,pour about 1/4 cup of the batter onto the skillet, to make a pancake. Make 1 or 2 more pancakes, taking care to keep them evenly spaced apart. Cook, until bubbles break the surface of the pancakes, and the undersides are golden brown, about 2 minutes. Flip with a spatula and cook about 1 minute more on the second side. Serve immediately or transfer to a platter and cover loosely with foil to keep warm. Repeat with the remaining batter, adding more butter to the skillet as needed.

Feeling naughty? Add chocolate chips! … OR top with whip cream and green sprinkles!! :o

Copyright 2003 Television Food Network, G.P. All rights reserved
Adapted from


COPYCAT: Shamrock Shake (Sugar-free + Protein!)



You will find a lot of copycat recipes on Pinterest… most of them I was frustrated by; using instant pudding mix, or cool whip or
dye or other ingredients that obviously will not yield a shake that taste like the one from ol’ Mickey Ds. Well, you’re in luck! This is THE Healthy Shamrock Shake recipe inspired by Chocolate Covered Katie’s Mint Chocolate Smoothie.


1 scoop whey protein powder (optional)

1 frozen large banana, as ripe as possible (This is a big MUST)
cacao nibs or chocolate chips
1/8 tsp pure MINT/Peppermint extract (you can get it at Walmart for 2.50$)
2 cups milk of choice or water (use 1 cup if you are not using protein)
1/2 cup fresh spinach


Blend together along with 4-5 ice cubes in a high powered blender until it has turned green and no bits of spinach can be seen.  (If you want it a little sweeter, add a drop or 2 of Stevia) Top with cocoa nibs if desired! Enjoy!

Adapted FROM:


Dye-Free Treats

When it comes to making treats and desserts, especially ones for my kids – I am beyond lazy. I spend enough time cooking and messing up my kitchen for meals, that by the time I assess the damage, I’m convinced that baking isn’t worth the trouble. (GASP!) Even more – baking stuff for my kids that has a 50% fail rate. Yep, you know what I’m talking about! So I’ve chosen some healthy snacks that require little work and remain on point for being healthy and dye-free!

frozen grapes

St. Patty’s Frozen Grape Pops

I’m obsessed with frozen grapes!! Make these with bamboo kabob sticks and the some pretty green ribbon on them. Laziness Scale = 9


Same concept: Cookiecut these cuties and pop them in the freezer. Add them to your grape kabobs. Lazy Scale = 5

Ok, and if you just can’t help it – I found this wonderful recipe by for a Dye-Free, homemade Turkish Lemon Cake that will take you straight back to Granny’s house. (Just omit the green sprinkles) Lazy Scale = 1




Slow Cooker Corned Beef with Guinness Braised Cabbage and Potatoes

corned beef

This for me, is where it’s at. Invite your friends over, fill the growlers and set your Pandora to Irish Pub Music. Maybe even tell your friends to bring their instruments and follow up dinner with an authentic Irish jam session. Celebrating Irish heritage is all about gathering with friends and family. Not pinching, and not even turning all your food green.

This recipe is incredibly easy and I’ve been using it for years. The corned beef makes killer Reuben’s for the next week! Enjoy!




High Energy Buddha Bowl


I’ve been noticing a trend on Pinterest for “Buddha Bowls” and “Glow Bowls”… While I don’t care what you like to call them, I’m hooked; because, they are not only beautiful but they taste amazing and are great for your health! I really love foods that look aesthetically rich and beautiful. We really do eat with our eyes!

If you don’t already take a moment to dress your plate, by arranging your food so it looks interesting (don’t try to tell me your not an artist, we are all creative!) try it out and see what happens! You may find yourself being more satisfied with healthier portion sizes and even start craving those beautiful, colorful veggies…

I know you’re thinking I’m crazy…

This is a great article on just that by study author Debra Zellner, a researcher and professor at the psychology department of Montclair State University in New Jersey:

Presenting Food Creatively May Lead To Healthier Food Choices; Artsy-Looking Food Isn’t Only For Fine Dining

Anyway, this is REALLY easy to make and will make 3 portions. Feel free to make more! I like to make  this for lunch on Monday then separate into tupperware containers for a quick lunch for the rest of the week. This meal plus 2 glasses of water will keep you full, yet light and able to power through that 3pm lull. You can leave the monster energy drink at home. ;)

“Did you know that I do not really like Kale? Kale is extremely bitter! Even if you typically do not like Kale, try this recipe. Sautéing it in butter or coconut oil gives it a savory, meaty flavor. ” – K

 MAKES 3 Servings


  • 1/2 Bag of Chopped Kale (about 5 cups)
  • 1/2 cup Shelled Edamame
  • 3 Eggs
  • Kimchi
  • Organic Coconut Oil
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Soy Sauce (optional)
  • Chinese Five Spice (if you don’t have this, go get some – it is AMAZING and SO worth it)
  • Sesame Seeds (optional)



Put 1 TBS coconut oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.

When it melts and the skillet is hot, put all the kale in the pan and allow it sit for 2 minutes. It will start to pop and turn bright green. Add 1/2 tsp Chinese 5 Spice and Sauté using tongs to lift and stir the kale for 2-3 more minutes. If it starts to look too dry, add a splash of water.

Add 1/2 cup shelled edamame  and  splash of water, if you haven’t already, and cover. Turn the heat down to medium and let the beans and kale steam for 3 minutes until it cooks down even more.

Uncover and give the kale a good stir. Add 1 tsp soy sauce (optional), sauté 1 min, then transfer to 3 serving containers or bowls.

In the same pan, use more coconut oil or cooking spray and cook 3 eggs how you like them. I like mine a little runny with salt and pepper. :)

Place a little Kimchi in the bowl next to the greens and lay the egg over top. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and serve hot and with your favorite hot sauce, if desired.

Enjoy this super savory and satisfying bowl for lunch or serve with rice for dinner!





Coconut Pumpkin Pie Bars



This was the first treat I made after giving up sugar a few weeks ago (read that article HERE) and to my surprise, I had to hide a few from my kids so I could have couple for myself! I was wanting a little treat that was easy to make with pure ingredients. I happened to have some coconut flour and a can of 100% pumpkin on hand and after a little google action, I stumbled on a recipe by I changed it up a little bit – such as adding freshly grated ginger and topping the bars with unsweetened coconut. I think it was just the touch it needed to make these bars great! I love how moist these bars come out – it truly tastes like the filling in a pumpkin pie.

These are flour free, grain free, gluten free… and I’m sure free of something else. All I know is that they’re amazing!!



15 oz. pumpkin puree (about 1 1/2 cups)
3/4 cup coconut flour
3/4 cup maple syrup (I used AGAVE FIVE. It’s lower on the Glycemic Index and less calories)
1 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
3/4 teaspoon ground ginger (I used 1/2 tsp freshly grated ginger!)
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves  (ALLSPICE. I think this would be too much clove)
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon SEA salt
2 large eggs

Sprinkle of unsweetened coconut



Preheat the oven to 350F and line a 9″x9″ baking dish with foil. Spray lining with oil. Combine all of the ingredients in a large mixing bowl, and stir well until no clumps remain. Transfer the batter to the greased baking dish, and use a spatula to smooth the top. Top with coconut flakes and bake for 40 minutes!

Let cool before slicing. The foil makes it easier to get them out of the pan and MUCH easier clean up.

I greatly appreciate your pins and shares! Thank you!


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