“Drinking Mirror” shows how drinking ages you


So this was on the front page of CNN this morning. It is a new app for Android and iphone that will take your photo and show you the effects of overdrinking regularly on your beautiful face.

Since my husband went away on deployment I’ve pretty much stopped drinking all together. A – because I’m trying to lose my very stubborn “baby fat” to become more athletic. And B – it just feels better.

For some reason when Alex is home, every evening together is like a little celebration, and with a 2 and 3 year old fast asleep our options are pretty limited. What should we do tonight?? Movie? … Beer? Ok.

And I’m not going to lie – I love me some good beer. It has actually become one of my favorite things; to have a beer after a hard day of climbing. And that is part of many wonderful memories Alex and I share as a couple.

But after a couple of days a week turn into a beer or a glass of wine everyday I feel like it starts to become habit. I might find myself looking forward to a glass of wine every night or if I’m stressed I might feel like I absolutely need one. (Honestly I think there are times when one NEEDS drink though!! haha)

I like this website because it puts over drinking in very EASY terms to understand and might even serve as a wake up call to you. Their catchy little slogan is “Drop a glass size in 2013”, will you be dropping a glass size this year for your health? Check out this website!