REACTION: SHAPE Magazine turns down woman’s ‘real’ weight-loss pic

If you haven’t seen this article yet you should.


Recently, a woman who submitted her “real” photo of her amazing 170 pound weightloss submitted this photo that has now gone viral.

Her personal story even said that Shape Magazine told her – “to cover up.” (  The fact that Shape is now trying to revoke their dismissal of this woman’s story is typical of publications that know they have done something to upset the public -the people that give them money.  Why do I not believe Shape’s excuse that, “This is a result of a misunderstanding”? – Because my mother was a long time subscriber to Shape growing up and in college, when I got my own subscription, I started throwing it in the trash week after week. Why? Because of the exact same reason that this woman ran into when she wanted her REAL story represented. Shape magazine does a very poor job showcasing real women of all types of bodies as well as the REAL exercise and nutritional dedication that makes these bodies. Every month I would get a magazine full of articles with boring workouts featuring picture perfect models doing them that read “Do this tri dip on a chair at home and you will look like me!!” No. Try growing 10 inches and not eating for week. Not to mention, the magazine was FULL of unhealthy weight loss pill advertisements. I’m sorry but that is disgusting, to even attempt to talk about a positive body image while flailing half naked super models and diet pills in your face. (Also, looking through their website….where is the ethnic diversity??)

The Top 10 Workout Songs to Motivate You All Month

– SHAPE Magazine

“Hey look at me! I’m perfect!”

I might sound like a hater but society’s ideals of perfection is part of a collective conscious which is formed from subliminal messaging we are exposed to from birth. We associate what is beautiful from the princesses in Disney movies to the women we see on TV that are deemed “attractive”.

Luckily, some companies are trying to promote more ethnically diverse as well as physically diverse positive body images. Such as DOVE, PRANA and titlenine.

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The Dove<sup>®</sup> Campaign for Real Beauty

DOVE Campaign for REAL Beauty

According to Dove’s 2011 study “The Real Truth About Beauty: Revisited.” Only 4% of women around the WORLD view themselves as beautiful and 72% of 10-17 year old girls felt tremendous pressure to be beautiful. 

Although some people are born with the physical traits that match society’s perception of beauty, the truth is, people come in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages. I hope that more magazines and television medias will do more to show that attractiveness isn’t one size fits all.

I also think we should be proud of the bodies we have and not let the desire for perfection consume us – which is not easy at times. The woman featured at the top is a fighter, and we should all stop being so hard on ourselves and be proud of what we were blessed with – imperfections and all!!

To wrap up, THANK YOU Brooke – for inspiring so MANY by your inner strength and fierceness. I am totally inspired by you as well! So here is a photo of one of my imperfections – my stretch marks from having 2 kids! I’m going to rock these stretch marks this summer – and I challenge you too, to stop focusing on little imperfections – if we do we will never be able to alter what society thinks is beautiful.


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