Progress Timeline in Photos

For some reason most of my photos have had an error. Hopefully I can get them back up!

My mom asked me why I hadn’t tracked my progress in photos. That was a good question! I’ve always been a bit modest and I greatly value humility. It makes me uncomfortable to post photos of myself anywhere and idk – I just do not want to come across as self absorbed. Really, the reason I have this blog is two reasons – 1. I care about people and I enjoy sharing what I have learned, including tasty recipes. 2. I really enjoy writing. It is a stress reliever for me. So the reason I have included this progress timeline in photos is to show the changes I have gone through personally, not to glorify myself, but to hopefully inspire others and show that you can lose weight and get healthy and strong, gradually, for life! (And I will continue to post new photos on here) I truly care about YOU and your health goals. Feel free to comment below for any questions you may have or if you would just like to share any advice for anyone else. There is a possibility that I may start a forum to personally answer questions and allow for more communal dialog. Thank you for checking out my blog!

Me about 1 month after having Danny : January 2010



5 months postpartum : May 2010

Started 1 mile runs. I can remember how difficult one mile felt. It was very frustrating!

6 months postpartum: first attempt at climbing again. I felt SO out of shape. For the first time, I went climbing and felt like I didn’t belong. For me that was a turn around point. I decided I would get in shape so that I could enjoy climbing again!


About 3 months later: September 2010 I had joined my local gym and was going regularly every monday and wednesday plus a run or climbing day on the weekends. So working out 3 days a week tops. I took pilates once a week, did my own weight training and a weekly run.

I lost about 10 pounds! I felt great!! (You do not have to work out ALL the time to lose weight. Train efficiently!)

progress 5

I stayed at this weight – about 112-115 for a LONG time. About a year. 2012

Climbing regularly in New York. Started going on outdoor trips with Alex. Climbed “High Exposure” at the Gunks and about shit my pants! This photo is from the Adirondacks.

progress 4

September 2013 – Moved to Washington State and climbing in Leavenworth. I still felt weak. Another turning point. What do I need to do to go from Average to Athlete?? I really wanted to know and this, and I think is what many people want to know because it seems like such a mystery. The truth is – it seems like a mystery because it takes some tough changes and is not easy and most will try anything including fad diets and pills to avoid the work it takes!

progress 3

January 2013 – Got my Body Composition done at the YMCA and GOT REAL.  This is what I tell people should always be your first step. The numbers will serve as a wake up call and you can easily track your progress. I found out that although I felt in shape I had a lot of room for improvment. I was NOT in an athletic category (can you believe that? true!)  I needed to lose body fat and gain more muscle mass. I did a ton of research, came up with my own plan of action (p90x, Michi’s Ladder – Check out My Meal Plan) and about 5 weeks later and 5 pounds lighter looked like THIS:

Before and After

This is me at 107-109 pounds and 18% body fat – Down from 24% 5 weeks before. (Sorry the before picture is not from 5 wks before which may be misleading!)

And one year later –

photo (19)

Sorry about my creepy smile!! lol Increased Muscle Mass but BFP has remained the same. A couple months ago it went up but I got that in check!

I have now reached all of my fitness goals and am now making new ones! Always make new short term goals! I can now lead 5.10s in the gym and run a 25 minute 5K. My new goal is to start triathlons again! I’m signed up for a sprint tri in September!!

I know most people want to see fast transformations such “I lost 40 pounds in 1 month!!” but what about that person 1 year later – 2 years later – 5 years later?? I can not stress enough slow weight loss and adapting a healthier diet and activities for LIFE. Think about it this way… If you were to take all the money you make in a month and put it in savings how much would you have? In five years how much of that money would you still have? Now what if you saved 2 dollars a day for 20 years? You will have almost 15,000$. This is how you should think about getting in shape. It’s not about being really “good” for a month. Because you will only enjoy your work for a short time. Rather, make small changes that you can keep up forever and exponentially enjoy the rewards. And that IS what 90/10 Nutrition is all about and why I love it. Click HERE for more info!

– Kristi Nicole

(Check below for new updates!)

  photo (3)




Well, now I know that you CAN get a flat stomach after having kids but it doesn’t come fast and easy for most people. This has taken me 3 years!! DONT GIVE UP!

September Update: I’ve been replacing one meal per day since August with Shakeology and have been doing 90/10 as well! I gained a little weight in June and July so I wanted to get back to where I was and this was just what I needed! I’m noticing increased muscle mass and a slightly lower BFP but not by much. Yet, my extreme carb cravings have subsided! I now weigh 107pounds.  

More info on 90/10 Nutrition {HERE}

My current weekly workouts (I’m putting an asterisk** next to workouts that I teach because those are not about me  getting a great workout, the focus is on my clients.)

  • Monday – 1hr (moderate running/climbing)
  • Tuesday – 30 min Muscle Tone + 1 hr bike
  • Wednesday – PiYO 1 hr
  • Thursday – 45 min Core*
  • Weekend – One climb day + One 3-6 mile run
  • That is it! Honest and upfront!


One thing people are surprise to hear is that I am in better shape that I ever was! My body is not prone to being thin. I have to WORK for this body! Here I am when I was 19 doing my first triathlon!

Me Progress 1

Getting in shape is tough!!!


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