Testimonials and Success

First, I want to say that I do not look at the people I work with as clients. They are my friends, and if you don’t know me at first, trust me, you will after I’m done with you!

Sometimes as a coach, I become one of the only people that my clients get to confide in. They know that I will not judge them, that I am their support, their cheerleader, their advocate. I STRONGLY believe in helping people develop a HEALTHY and POSITIVE relationship with food, their health and their bodies to encourage empowerment and confidence through their transformation. 

Did you know? 

In a study of over 1,200 10-to-17-year-olds, a majority of girls, 72%, said they felt tremendous pressure to be beautiful. The study also found that only 11% of girls around the world feel comfortable using the word beautiful to describe their looks, showing that there is a universal increase in beauty pressure and a decrease in girls’ confidence as they grow older.

We live in a day and age where there is a strong desire for aesthetic fitness (women = skinny with big fake breasts. Men = with giant muscles and ripped abs) but little focus on what FUNCTIONAL fitness looks like. Functional fitness means that people are not motivated in looking sexy on the beach (although thats a plus right?) they are motivated to live a long healthy life with their family, be able to keep up with their children, run a 5K, 10K….marathon – or try a TRI! THESE are the goals I encourage and helps me develop a strong relational bond with my clients that last a life time!

Here are just a few testimonials from my clients about Shakeology:

“Just wanted to share some good news with you. I have been drinking one shake a day since Wednesday. In just 5 days I have found that I am no longer craving junk food after work. I’ve just about stopped feeling the need to take a nap in the afternoons and when I do nap it’s for 30-40 mins not for 1-2 hrs. I feel so much more energetic..I even danced at a friends party this weekend ..for an 8 year old!! Lol! The girls and I had a lot of fun and I honestly felt well once returning home.
This shake really is remarkable! I’m recommending it to my friends. Honestly it is terrific!” – Amber*

“I definitely noticed a better feeling in energy and digestion. There were a couple of days I wasn’t able to [drink shakeology] and those days I felt like crap lol. I’m going to continue shakeology.”  –   Hatti*

Check out this about others that have had success with 90/10 Nutrition.


RESULTS: Shakeology Mythbuster’s TEST GROUP 1


Last month I ran a group that took an objective, unbiased look at drinking Shakeology for 30 days. We did not require anyone to exercise or eat a healthy diet. ONLY replace 1 meal per day with Shakeology.

For such a controlled experiment – the results were impressive. Just imagine if everyone had stuck to a nutrition plan, such as 90/10 or worked out every day with p90? (Or a combo of ALL of it!! Whoa!)

Here are the results –

  • 100% said they felt it was a smart investment in their health (WOW)
  • 83% said they noticed an improvement in digestion
  • 83% noticed they drank more water throughout the day!
  • 57% lost weight
  • 0% DID NOT want to continue drinking Shakeology. (75% Agreed – 25% were unsure)
  • 0% had adverse effects
  • 86% wanted to be kept in touch for future events!

Want to hear first-hand accounts? Check out the new testimonials page! We are helping to change LIVES!!

What is Shakeology?

It is a nutrient-rich meal replacement shake.

HOW is it different from other shakes and WHY is it so expensive?

It contains an abundance of ingredients that, before, only  the upper class could afford – (spirulina, goji berry, maca root….etc.)

If you tried to incorporate these things into your diet each week – it would be VERY expensive.  With Shakeology, everyone has an opportunity at optimal health. The people that will notice the BIGGEST differences are those that ate very poorly to begin with.

It is also completely NATURAL and sweetened with STEVIA. Check your current protein – trust me. You get what you pay for!

Shakeology comes out to 4$ per day at the regular price, an 3$ per day at the coach discounted price.

Question: How much would you pay for a meal that included the things that are in shakeology?

FACT: Shakeology is unique in that you CAN pay for your own product through referrals. Don’t you wish this was possible with other healthy foods?

In the feedback section, the only concern was the price. That was my concern as well! Those that are diligent with their budget realize that Shakeology makes no difference in their food budget OR SAVES them money!! How? Read on!



One thing I loved about this group was that I was also a participant! I had never tried Shakeology before and to be honest I was VERY skeptical. I took it from the standpoint – OK I’ll try it for 30 days, and if I don’t like it, I’ll send the bag back EMPTY and get my refund. I got a bunch of friends to try it with me and was very impressed with the results.

I was not a perfectly controlled experiment because I did 90/10 as well. I DIDNT though, increase or change my workouts.

This is what I noticed:

  • I recovered faster from a cold.
  • I drank more water. (Shakeology makes you thirsty!! I think it’s all the fiber?)
  • It improved my digestion and regularity.

Shakeology + 90/10 

With better nutrition and 90/10, I SAVED money on my grocery bill. Not only was I replacing one meal with Shakeology, but I STOPPED buying processed food products. (snacks, chips, cookies, ice cream etc…) It made a huge difference and I made more homemade snacks and meals because I was motivated to do so! Shakeology helped my cut my bills even more because I wasn’t stopping to grab a quick bite to eat anymore between work and getting the kids to school. It also helped greatly on our camping trips.

I got leaner and built more muscle. (Will post photos soon!) I got back to my ideal athletic weight and BFP! The crazy thing is, I felt like I didn’t try. I know that sounds crazy but back in May, I fell off the healthy-eating bandwagon. I tried Dietbet and was concerned about calories. I started to develop a negative relationship with food. Being hungry, eating and then worrying. After doing 90/10 + Shakeology I am back to realizing that you can lose weight and not worry about eating. If you follow 90/10 you WILL lose weight because you are making better choices everyday!!

Want more info and how you can get FREE Coaching and upcoming FREE challenge groups?

Go to my page 90/10 Nutrition

or contact me at kristinicole.fit@gmail.com


Poor-man’s Pesto


I LOVE Pesto. But I do NOT like the price of pine nuts.

So – I tried using other things. Did you know that most pestos you buy in the store do NOT use pine nuts anyway?

So why make your own?

A – it’s so easy

B – it will save you money

C – you know what’s in it!

Most store bought pesto contains cheap olive oil, or a mixture of olive oil and vegetable/canola.

Also, if you are looking for basil, DO NOT buy the little servings that cost 2.50 for 4 basil leaves (can you believe they do that? So annoying!) Trader Joe’s usually sells bags full of basil. Check out local farmer’s markets, or buy your own plant at the beginning of spring. Do what is cost effective!

Tip: Freeze pesto in an ice cube tray. Pop one out anytime for a quick pesto sauce or add straight to soup!


Isn’t my little eggplant monster cute? Do I use my kids as an excuse to buy cute stuff….yes.

Tip: Toasting really brings out the nutty flavor in pesto. Toast in a dry pan over over medium-high heat. So easy!


2-3 cups, rinsed basil

1/2 cup almonds, toasted (or try other types, walnuts…etc)

1/2 cup olive oil (approx.)

1 squeeze of lemon (about 1/2 TBS)

2-3 cloves garlic

salt and pepper to taste (optional)


Put everything in a food processor – except olive oil.

Put the lid on and take the cap out of the spout. Turn on the processor and immediately start to slowly pour in olive oil. Add as much or as little as you like – you may want a thinner pesto! I tend to err on the side of less oil, for a smooth, but not runny consistency AND to be mindful of my fat intake.


Tip: Look for “first pressed” olive oil. Olive oil is so healthy in so many ways! Yet, it is still an oil and you CAN consume too much for a healthy diet. Enjoy – but do not overdo. Also, try other mix-ins, such as spinach or arugula.




Spaghetti Squash Lasagna


This is my second time making lasagna with spaghetti squash. The first time was a bust. I used a recipe and I ended up with a watery, bland lasagna. No bueno. THIS time – I threw out the recipes I used my grandfather Marino’s unwritten family red sauce recipe. I am so grateful that he taught me this!! It is AMAZING!

This grain-free, gluten-free lasagna is such a healthy alternative to processed flour pasta that you have no excuse when it tastes THIS good. (Plus it’s easier than you think!) It is a great make-ahead meal. You can put the lasagna together the day before and pop in the oven when ready. It also makes a great gift for a new neighbor or new parents.

It’s also 90/10 approved! Not sure what that is? Go {HERE}

(Serves 8)


1 medium Butternut Squash, baked and shredded (Instructions HERE)

2-3 italian sausage links, casings removed and crumbled

1 pd ground turkey

2-3 garlic cloves

red pepper flakes (omit if you do not want spice!)

1 small onion, chopped

1 green pepper, chopped

1 24oz can pureed tomatoes

1 8oz can tomato paste

5 sprigs fresh basil

salt and pepper

1 small container fresh ricotta

2 eggs

garlic powder


Preheat oven to 350. Get out a deep dish 9×9 pan.

Start the sauce. 

Add italian sausage and turkey to a large pot. Cook while crumbling with a spatula until cooked through. Drain any excess oil and set aside.

Drizzle a small amount of olive oil in the pot. Heat to medium.

Add  the garlic and red pepper flakes. Cook for 1-2 min.

Add the green pepper and onion. Cook for 10 min. until soft.

Add the meat and stir.

Add the tomato puree and paste. Stir and incorporate.

Turn heat down if it starts to bubble. You want it to simmer.

Add basil, salt and pepper and simmer for 15-30 min. (The longer the better) It should be a thick sauce. You do NOT want watery sauce.

While that is simmering make your ricotta layer. 

Beat the ricotta, 2 eggs and garlic powder and pepper to taste with a hand mixer. Done.


Squeeze ANY excess water out of spaghetti squash. (notice the pattern? excess water WILL ruin this!) It doesn’t have to be perfect though.

Put a thin layer of squash on the bottom of the dish and press down all over.

Add 1/2 the ricotta and spread.

Scoop 1/2 the meat sauce and spread.


Top with shredded cheese

Bake for 45 minutes at 350!

LET COOL if you can wait!!



Yes. It’s good.

Super-Simple Spaghetti Squash

How’s that for alliteration!?

I looked up spaghetti squash recipes and all of them required cutting a spaghetti squash in half… have you tried to do this? I have, and it is not only nearly impossible, but I felt like I was going to chop my hand off!

So, I took my friend, Kara’s, advice on how to make spaghetti squash the EASIEST way and threw the recipes away!


Is anyone else feeling fall in the air? Be prepared for loads of squash recipes!! I am in love….


  • Take the fork and prick the spaghetti squash all over.
  • Put it in the microwave for one minute. Turn it over and microwave for one more minute. (If you have a larger one you may need to repeat one more time. You do NOT want to cook it all the way. Just get it softer than than a football sized rock.)
  • Take squash out of the microwave and cut it longways with a sharp knife.
  • Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle black pepper all over.
  • Flip face DOWN and bake at 375 for 20-30 minutes
  • Let cool, scrape out the seed and gently fork out the spaghetti squash! It will make a LOT!

Some recipes say to put them face down in water. Don’t. Unless you want water in the bottom of your spaghetti, or lasagna…gross. 

Check out my recipe for Spaghetti Squash Lasagna!!


September DEAL : Get the 21 Day Fix package for 10$!!


I solemnly swear to NEVER post crappy deals on my site. 

Why is this awesome? This is half the cost of ANYTHING you can get on Amazon.com

Plus – you get lots of BONUS stuff that you could never get by ordering on Amazon or separately.


  1. Buy Shakeology at 129$ (replaces one meal a day at 4$ per day)

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I know that is A LOT to process and really, you won’t understand the true value of it until you start. You won’t regret it.

And if for some reason you do – they will give you a full refund on EVERYTHING. Including an empty shakeology bag! That’s how much they know you’ll love it! Pretty awesome to me!! Now if only personal trainers would make that guarantee….

Want it? Email me at: kristinicole.fit@gmail.com OR order directly at http://www.beachbodycoach.com/kristnicole87 and click on “Challenge Pack”.

If you want to know more – watch this slightly lame, yet informative video.


FACING FEARS: Eustress VS. Distress – And how your interpretation may be holding you back from success.

Can YOU tell the difference between Eustress and Distress?



When you think of people that are the best, the most successful – what do you think of?

Maybe a CEO that gives speeches to thousands of people. A president. What about an athletic star such as Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Alex Honnold – who excel seemlesly under pressure?  Or a musician such as Hilary Hahn, who can play an entire symphony from memory on stage?


51st+Annual+Grammy+Awards+Pre+Telecast+Show+buPXBiyhmcpl alexcosmic

So often we look at these people and think, wow that is amazing, I could never do that. But why not? What is holding YOU back from being the most successful at whatever your want to be? When have you backed out of an opportunity due to fear or stress?


I recently read a fellow coach’s post about getting out of his comfort zone. For him, taking on PiYO as a fitness instructor was a major step into a new teaching arena of choreographed group exercise… a far cry for any triathlete. But he did it anyway. He taught his first PiYO class last week – the only guy in the room. And he did it anyway. And guess what – he ROCKED it and felt accomplished.

This is something I see so many times in leaders, and I think it would be safe to say this is an attribute of ALL of them. They don’t let fear stop them from reaching out into those areas that don’t feel perfectly safe. Ok, lets try not safe – at ALL. They might even feel like they are diving into dark murky water.

Who knows what’s going to happen?


It is these people – the ones that reach higher than they can see, leap into uncharted waters, TAKE RISKS and usually end up surprising themselves (and everyone else!) that inspire me. I feel so thankful for those people I hope to be able to inspire others one day as well. And I think I’m moving in that direction one step at a time. You should start your own Dauntless List if you have a chance. It will encourage you and give you some goals to work towards.

Example –

1. Times I’ve faced my fears –

2. Fears I want to overcome –

Last weekend I surpassed a HUGE milestone. I lead my first route outside – and it was 5.7 hand crack on TRAD (Laughing Crack, Squamish, B.C.) If you are not a climber you might not understand this – but just know, it is not for the faint of heart. I couldn’t believe that I did it!! But – I did!!


(That’s me – tiny speck up there…)

Want to move past some of your own fears and be able to take on more stress effectively? You have to understand it first….


There are some psychological explanations for this feeling of wanting to run away from stressful situations. And why you should feel comforted.

It is our natural tendency to want to stay safe and avoid stress. (Duh! Right?) The only issue with this is that not ALL stress is BAD. And not all FEARS are ones that should get you running back to your cave full of comforts. Not saying you won’t want to though! Trust me, I’ve been there!

Even worse, is the talk we hear about these two types of stress. As you probably already learned back in grade school, there are two types of stress: eustress and distress. What IS distressing is how they are explained in such a subjective manner. If you google these terms and look at photos it is pretty hilarious. Everyone seems to have their own definition of what equals eustress and what equals distress.


(Ok, what? Excited is distressed? I’m confused!)

What we hear many times is that eustress = positive stress and motivation, while distress = negative feelings, anxiety. But can you tell the difference? Really? Think about right before a job interview, audition or public speaking – how do you feel? Do you consider this eustress or distress?

According to many of these definitions I would consider this BAD stress. My heart is racing, my muscles are tensing up – I’m freaking out! I just want to go home. This is when your adrenaline starts to be produced through the hypothalamus in the brain. This is your “fight or flight” mechanism. What you choose though – is up to you. Are you going to be a fighter, or are you going to run away?

I think men more often than women, are taught from a young age that running away from fear is not an option. They train their bodies to react positively to stressors. But anyone can do this. (You’re going to have to! It takes practice!) That’s right – you have to train your body to react positively to stress. This will also expand the amount of stress you can take on and still function called your stress threshold.

So how do you train your body to be able to take on more stress and not crumble under the pressure?

Just start small. Many people look at me like I’m all brave because I rock climb and teach fitness classes and do other adventurous things, but the truth is I’m NOT. And any other person that is confronting a fear with any ounce of humility will admit they ARE afraid or even downright terrified of what they are about to do. Yet, it is how they react and interpret this fear that makes a difference in the outcome. Climbers know how much the mind plays a role in the outcome of a situation. Every climber is scared when pulling a tough move 100 ft up, but do you let the fear paralyze you, or do you let it propel you?

“When you consciously realize that you’re excited, not anxious, about an upcoming challenge, you give your body keys to how it should receive and interpret the symptoms you are feeling.”

– drjacksinger.com

Want to crush that interview or do that thing you’ve always wanted to but are too afraid?

Here are some good tips that have helped me along the way.

Steps for overcoming fears, getting out of comfort zones and training your body to “Fight” not “Flight”.

1. Get over yourself – yep that’s right. Stop thinking that people are judging you all the time. It’s not about what people think about you, it’s about what you are trying to convey to others or accomplish. (And even if they are – who gives a F anyway?) This is especially helpful when getting up in front of people or for an interview.

2. Assess. Next time your body gets afraid/tensed up ask yourself if the fear is justified. Am I in a dark alley at night alone? Yes, fear is justified. Have you been working on a lecture for 3 months, have it totally memorized and are completely prepared? This fear is not justified. You GOT THIS. And if you’re still scared, remember step 1!

3.  Just Do It. Nike got that one right! This can be said in a million different ways. “Put your big girl panties on.” Stop making excuses. JUST TRY. Don’t wait around for a better day, because that day will never get here. GO!

4. Breathe. Realize that you are excited. This is normal. Deep breath. And come up with a little mantra to help you. One of mine is, “I will not let fear paralyze me. Keep moving.”

5. Enjoy. Trust me. Once you pop – you can’t stop! If you start facing your fears, you are going to feel a rush like you’ve never felt before, and you will feel accomplishment like you never have either. And even if the first time you try, you fail, get back up and try again. I will spare you the stories for now, but trust me I have plenty of stories where I was completely embarrassed and felt beat down. But once again – don’t become paralyzed. Keep moving. Or – as Dorey would say…”just keep swimming, just keep swimming….”

Don’t pass up the chance to watch this inspiring video chat with Steph Davis on fear, and moving past it.

Steph Davis: Fear // Inside Game Episode 2 from Prana Living on Vimeo.