RESULTS: Shakeology Mythbuster’s TEST GROUP 1


Last month I ran a group that took an objective, unbiased look at drinking Shakeology for 30 days. We did not require anyone to exercise or eat a healthy diet. ONLY replace 1 meal per day with Shakeology.

For such a controlled experiment – the results were impressive. Just imagine if everyone had stuck to a nutrition plan, such as 90/10 or worked out every day with p90? (Or a combo of ALL of it!! Whoa!)

Here are the results –

  • 100% said they felt it was a smart investment in their health (WOW)
  • 83% said they noticed an improvement in digestion
  • 83% noticed they drank more water throughout the day!
  • 57% lost weight
  • 0% DID NOT want to continue drinking Shakeology. (75% Agreed – 25% were unsure)
  • 0% had adverse effects
  • 86% wanted to be kept in touch for future events!

Want to hear first-hand accounts? Check out the new testimonials page! We are helping to change LIVES!!

What is Shakeology?

It is a nutrient-rich meal replacement shake.

HOW is it different from other shakes and WHY is it so expensive?

It contains an abundance of ingredients that, before, only  the upper class could afford – (spirulina, goji berry, maca root….etc.)

If you tried to incorporate these things into your diet each week – it would be VERY expensive.  With Shakeology, everyone has an opportunity at optimal health. The people that will notice the BIGGEST differences are those that ate very poorly to begin with.

It is also completely NATURAL and sweetened with STEVIA. Check your current protein – trust me. You get what you pay for!

Shakeology comes out to 4$ per day at the regular price, an 3$ per day at the coach discounted price.

Question: How much would you pay for a meal that included the things that are in shakeology?

FACT: Shakeology is unique in that you CAN pay for your own product through referrals. Don’t you wish this was possible with other healthy foods?

In the feedback section, the only concern was the price. That was my concern as well! Those that are diligent with their budget realize that Shakeology makes no difference in their food budget OR SAVES them money!! How? Read on!



One thing I loved about this group was that I was also a participant! I had never tried Shakeology before and to be honest I was VERY skeptical. I took it from the standpoint – OK I’ll try it for 30 days, and if I don’t like it, I’ll send the bag back EMPTY and get my refund. I got a bunch of friends to try it with me and was very impressed with the results.

I was not a perfectly controlled experiment because I did 90/10 as well. I DIDNT though, increase or change my workouts.

This is what I noticed:

  • I recovered faster from a cold.
  • I drank more water. (Shakeology makes you thirsty!! I think it’s all the fiber?)
  • It improved my digestion and regularity.

Shakeology + 90/10 

With better nutrition and 90/10, I SAVED money on my grocery bill. Not only was I replacing one meal with Shakeology, but I STOPPED buying processed food products. (snacks, chips, cookies, ice cream etc…) It made a huge difference and I made more homemade snacks and meals because I was motivated to do so! Shakeology helped my cut my bills even more because I wasn’t stopping to grab a quick bite to eat anymore between work and getting the kids to school. It also helped greatly on our camping trips.

I got leaner and built more muscle. (Will post photos soon!) I got back to my ideal athletic weight and BFP! The crazy thing is, I felt like I didn’t try. I know that sounds crazy but back in May, I fell off the healthy-eating bandwagon. I tried Dietbet and was concerned about calories. I started to develop a negative relationship with food. Being hungry, eating and then worrying. After doing 90/10 + Shakeology I am back to realizing that you can lose weight and not worry about eating. If you follow 90/10 you WILL lose weight because you are making better choices everyday!!

Want more info and how you can get FREE Coaching and upcoming FREE challenge groups?

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