How to Go From Coach to Emerald in 30 Days!!… and a little advice….


You might be tempted to skip to the end of this but PLEASE – read the story. If you really want to be successful, much of what you need to know is IN THE STORY.

My “Beachbody Story”. 

Back in 2012 I met Ryan Chapman to talk about starting a triathlon training class at the YMCA because I DID NOT want to run through the gym in my trisuit alone. lol  Ryan was already an instructor there and I knew that he had a business called Tribase Training so I figured he might have some good advice on how to get this class on the schedule.

When we got together to talk he talked to me a tiny bit about tri training, but much more about getting Insanity certified. I asked the cost – 300$? I laughed. That was it!


After teaching classes for 8 months I started to wonder how I could turn what I had developed a love for into a career. My main question: how do fitness professionals make money? I know I love to write about fitness and recipes, but I’m not making any money doing it…

I contacted one of my favorite inspiring fitness writers, Mike Matthews to ask him just this. He said a few KEY things.

1 – Put in more than what you get at first.

2 – Have something a service or a product that people can purchase from you.


After a few months of reading books such as “The Art of the Start” and “Rework” I decided it was time to call this Ryan Chapman guy again, because he obviously was doing something right. (And I wasn’t!)

We sat down at a coffee shop and he talked to me all about the Beachbody business. THEN – he told me about Shakeology.

I asked, “What’s the cost?”

“129$ – Only 4$ per day” he replied

I laughed.

That was it.


Actually, not really. He asked me, “So what is in the shakes you drink?” I fumbled around, “oh…ya know… its natural and stuff..”

(he’s a pro! Ask questions!!)

That night I went home, took a look at my BSN protein powder and was annoyed by the ingredients that I was putting in my body everyday.

Not just that, but as a fitness professional that is all about eating clean – how does it look when I recommend BSN to others? This was not the brand I wanted to be the face of.

I still hesitated though.

Ryan encouraged me to get PiYO certified immediately. I decided to take a leap of faith and JUST DO IT. I needed more certifications anyway! …It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.


At the training with the beautiful and inspiring Bridget Frederick I was asked by a few people – Are you a coach? Do you drink Shakeology?

NO. and NO.

Who were these people???

A few days later, I called Ryan and said I was ready to become a coach. I had always loved p90x’s nutrition and fitness plan, modeled my HIIT class after Insanity and was about to teach PiYO. It just made sense.

I became a coach, rather reluctantly… and I still hesitated about Shakeology. I had questions. Why so expensive? Does it really work? What does it taste like? What’s in it?

Because of these questions – I decided to form my first challenge group all about answering these questions from an unbiased, scientific perspective. I wasn’t trying to sell anything to anyone. I simply asked my friends/family if they had heard of Shakeology and wanted to try it out and form some statistical data in the process. Want to read results of  that group? (Click HERE)

I called this group the Mythbuster’s Shakeology Group.


AND THAT is how I became and emerald in one month.

You may thinking – well you just told me nothing!!

Actually, I just told you EVERYTHING you need to know in one simple story – it’s not about following the SC checklist, or even Inviting, Inviting, Inviting! If your heart isn’t in the right place you are going to have a much harder time because you’re going to go at EVERYTHING from the wrong angle and the wrong perspective. You have to take your eyes off YOURSELF and find out what matters to the person sitting in front of you. If you can’t do this, you are in the wrong business. That’s my tough love!

Here are the main points


  1. Make sure your WHY is genuine. If your WHY sounds like this – “To make money”, “To lose weight”, “To help others” – You need to DIG deeper. IF you can’t find your own WHY you won’t be able to help others find it.
  2. Get motivated – Listen to the Monday Wakeup call and team calls.
  3. What’s your question? Become a scientist for a day. Want to know if Shakeology works like I did? Want to see if the 3 Day Refresh will make you lose weight? Want to see if Body Beast will get results? Let others know what you are doing and they will join you!
  4. Dive in. Don’t wait around for more experience, to look better, be better or anything! JUST GO!!! Don’t let fear of failure stop you.
  5. Make sure YOU are being genuine. If you truly want to help people, would you try and sell everyone p90? No. Talk to people. Get down to their WHY and actually help them come up with a solution!
  6. BE PATIENT. Remember how I didn’t become a coach for almost a year after first talking to Ryan? Did he email me every month asking, “So are you interested in becoming a coach?” NO! But when I was ready – I knew where to go.
  7. Lead with Nutrition – most people are decent at working out, but really need help with nutrition to lose weight. That’s where 90/10 Nutrition comes in. Interested? Let me know –
  8. Make SC, get 90 PV, pay the Club Membership Fee, and Sign up 1 coach on each leg. Signing up coaches is EASY. Do you want to save 30$ on shakeology? Are you military? Do you want a discount? Who DOESN’T?? If they hesitate about the “coach” title, show them this:

Coaching Hats



  • Posting a million photos of yourself kissing your Shakeology on your Facebook wall.
  • Posting your transformation story every other day. You want people to be inspired by YOU, not be smothered by you.
  • Over-all constant bragging on Facebook. Ok, you might have a great life – but share your struggles every now and then. People identify with someone who is transparent and REAL.
  • Sending MASS emails about Beachbody products. Advertising is beachbody’s jobCOACHING is YOURS. If you are going to send a mass email, make it an update about what you are doing and how you are helping to change lives,  not about selling a product!!

I hope this helps you get on the right foot. Being successful in Beachbody is tough and it’s not for everyone. I’m not even there yet! BUT if you follow some of these steps and heed some of these warnings you are already a step above MANY.

Best wishes to you and your success in making a difference!

If you would like to contact me email me at

OR message me on FB – Kristi Nicole



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