Do You Need to Meal Prep to Get the Body You Want?


Do you wish that your meal prep looked THIS good?

I don’t.

ba87400863c5063c5f305c170a6b0062I’ve noticed Amanda Meixner’s blog photos on meal prepping with 21 Day Fix being featured on Beachbody’s website and what I initially felt looked really cool, soon turned into some serious anxiety.

“I could never do that!” “My food will never look that organized and cute.” “That food looks disgusting (reheated TROUT for the next 5 days?? NO THANKS”. “Is this what it takes to get the body you want?” “My husband and kids are going to STARVE!!!” 

To me this is a fabulous VISUAL, and I honestly love it – so don’t get me wrong. But in the REAL world – this just ain’t happening for the average, working family. (And you have to remember that this is her JOB. She is a Social Media Strategist for Beachbody!) 

I think it’s really important that we differentiate between diets and lifestyle changes because someone who is just starting on this journey may look at the 21 Day Fix EXTREME diet and think that this is how someone has to eat all the time to be lean. I cannot stress enough how important it is for someone who is overweight, or struggles with eating disorders, or just getting into exercise (or starting back up again after several years!) to adapt small, concrete and manageable habits that CAN be kept up for life – not just 21 days!!!

That being said, NO ONE in this world (ok, I bet there is that one odd person) could keep up the above for life without going absolutely crazy!! The 21 Day FIX Extreme is meant to be only 21 days and is meant to be a CHALLENGE!! So, if you are feeling like you want to push your body in a way you never have before or are looking to get “competition” lean – 21 Day Fix EXTREME may be right for you. Another option is starting out with the 1st 21 Day Fix, to ease into it.

Want to take the Extreme Challenge? {CLICK HERE}

Want to ease into it first?? {CLICK HERE}

MAIN POINT – Your week does NOT have to look like the above to lose weight. Getting into shape does have challenges, but it needs to be enjoyable to make a lasting impact. DO buy the 21 Day FIX Extreme if you are already in moderate to good athletic shape to push your body even further – but if you are just starting out contact me. I’d love to help you find what will be the best fit for you and help you be successful for the LONG RUN.

So, do I meal plan??


But not like that.

I usually plan out 4 healthy 90/10 dinners for my family per week and prep THESE 4 foods at the beginning of each week to make salads for lunch. I almost ALWAYS have these foods in my fridge at all times. The combos are endless and roasting veggies makes them taste AmAzInG + they can be reheated all week long. My favorites are sweet potatoes, butternut squash, summer squash, carrots, radishes, cauliflower or red pepper. You really can’t go wrong.


And let me tell you…I don’t eat bad salads…ever.

i typically like to have something warm on my salad. Sometimes I pop the entire salad in the microwave for 30 seconds to warm the veggies and wilt the spinach. Get creative with your salads and make them DELICIOUS!

photo (17)

Asian Chicken Salad with Orange and Flax

photo 2-4

Parisian Salad with a Provencal Dijon Vinaigrette


Italian Tabouleh Salad

Now, after all that… I’m kinda tempted to try the 21 Day Fix Extreme Challenge… hmmm. Even still, I promise you I will not be eating re-heated trout.

LESSON: Before buying a Beachbody program, find a coach you trust. They will help you from everything: your order, finding special discounts, helping you accomplish your goals and even make money as a coach if you are interested.

If you would like for me to be your coach contact me!

If you are not into dieting and would like to just learn how to make better choices by learning how to avoid foods with additives, such as added sugar and start making healthier habits TODAY – try 90/10 Nutrition! You can now use the 21 Day Fix containers with 90/10 as well! We have free groups running each month – so you have NOTHING to lose! Go to


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