The REAL Skinny Mint Review: 28 Day Teatox

skinny mint

If you are like me and saw some really nice-looking photos of gorgeous-looking people drinking tea and being awesome and thought, hey, I want to be gorgeous looking and awesome too – then read this!

I’m always interested in trends and new health/fitness products and I liked that this one was natural. Anything that is in pill form or has strange ingredients I won’t even try. But this company sparked my interest. First, I like that it’s not an MLM company. Second, I like their marketing and website. Third, I like tea. So, naturally, I decided to give skinny mint a try and ordered the 28 Day Teatox.


TASTE: The Morning Boost is not very yummy in my opinion. It is very tart and made my mouth feel dry. Maybe this is a good thing because it makes you drink more water? I found it to be decent if I added an orange slice.

EXPERIENCE: The first few days of the teatox, I felt great! No major side effects, but I did notice my stomach grumbling and making weird noises after drinking the Night Cleanse.

The third time taking the night cleanse (only every other day) I went to bed thinking, “Something weird is going on with my stomach”. I felt gassy and uncomfortable.

The next day I went to the State Fair and felt like I had gas, but if I let it out I was going to sh*t my pants. I couldn’t wait to leave, and it ruined my afternoon. I actually did not have an amazing BM that made me feel cleansed. I actually felt sick, gassy with very noisy and embarrassing moments in the bathroom. I’ve never taken a laxative before – but I know now that this is what taking laxatives feels like. NOT FUN.

The next day I drank the morning boost tea.

The day after I thought, “hmm. I wonder if it was the tea or just something I ate? I’m not going to give up!” I drank the Night Cleanse and went to bed.

The next day I went rock climbing and the same sh*t happened!! I felt gassy and like I was not going to be able to control things. Luckily there was porta potty by the climbing site, but seriously, it was not relieving – I still felt gassy and terrible.

After that I said NO THANK YOU!!!!!!

skinny mint 1

(This ad is full of bullshit.)

REVIEW: So that is my embarrassing experience in a nutshell! I’m not sure why people think that taking laxatives is a beneficial way to lose weight. You might lose water weight or maybe sh*t weight (is that even a thing??) but why would you want that? Our bodies NEED water to function. Honestly, you are better off keeping a few extra pounds than experimenting with laxatives for weightless and here’s why: so many people just like you (just like ME!) have thought, hm I will give this a try. But that “try” turns into a habit and it is a habit that is effecting thousands (who know, millions?) of people, particularly women who want to lose weight or expedite a binge session through the digestive tract. Check out this shocking video I found about how easy it can be to go from trying laxatives to lose weight, to becoming dependent.

Laxative Abuse is also classified by the NEDA as an eating disorder.

If  that’s not enough know this: YOU CAN lose weight the healthy way. But guess what?? YOU WILL LOOK HEALTHY!! (OMG WARNING!!!) Many women achieve a plateau thinking that they need to lose that extra layer of fat. I mean who doesn’t want to look like this? zuzka

(Zuzka Light)

But if you really knew the things you have to go through to look like that… the truth is it’s just not worth it many times.

Ketosis, Laxatives, Starvation…all of these things may may you look lean on the outside, but your body is dying on the inside.

Commit to treating your body right TODAY. Commit to saying no to unhealthy, unnatural means of weight loss. Your decisions today will effect you tomorrow!!! If you feel tempted to try laxatives or other unhealthy methods of weight loss and are unsure how to go about things the right way: CONTACT me!

Best in Health,

xoxo –  Kristi


(I just took this photo to show you what I look like right now! I may not be my leanest right now, but I’d rather look like this than try to get lean with laxatives!!! Gross!! Even now, I’m proud of my body and feel strong.)