Buckwheat Berry Blintzes (Sugar-free!)

Ever since I signed up for the Spartan Super I’ve been getting all these emails with their healthy recipes. Only problem; the only way they inspire me is to make something better. (Spartan Races, you are welcome to fire your current recipe developer and hire me anytime)



When I received the recipe for their Berry Blintzes and read the recipe I was already thinking about how I would make it different. And let me tell you a little secret… if it was a cooking competition, I would’ve crushed their recipe into the ground!! (Sometimes I can be a little competitive…. )

I started by using a super secret family recipe for Swedish Pancakes and swapping out the white flour for organic buckwheat flour. I then omitted the sugar and added a pinch of stevia. I’m not too worried about sharing this secret recipe because A) with the Internet, nothing is secret anymore and B) I think only 10 people read my blog anyway. ;)

You are going to love how incredibly easy these are to make by using an underdog kitchen tool : the blender! Kiss messy pancakes GOODBYE!!!

(I like using a regular old blender because it’s easy to pour, but a fancy bullet or ninja will do.)

If you make these, comment below and share your photos!!! Or tag me in Instagram @knicole87climb


(Makes 4-5 servings. Approx 200 calories each)


2/3 cup Buckwheat Flour

1 cup milk (Ive only tried 2% and whole)

2 eggs

pinch stevia (optional)

pinch of sea salt


4 oz of cream cheese (I used Greek)

1/2 cup frozen blueberries

maple syrup

butter or choice



For the Filling-

In a small glass bowl, microwave the frozen strawberries and cream cheese for 30 sec. (You want to warm it all up just a tiny bit, but it will still be icy when you blend it.) Using a hand mixer or small food processor, combine the cream cheese and blueberries. You can leave blueberry chunks if you like, or blend until smooth.

For the Blintzes-

In a blender, combine the first 5 ingredients.

In a small – medium non-stick pan (do not use a griddle. The batter will go everywhere!!) bring the heat to medium high and coat with a little butter or cooking spray.

Pour in the batter until a thin layer covers the pan. DO NOT walk away! These cook fast!! You will see bubbles forming and when there is only a small pool of raw batter left, flip and cook an additional 30sec. Done! Make more!


Once you’ve finished your thin pancakes, spread a good amount of blueberry cream cheese down the center of the pancake and roll it up. Drizzle a little maple syrup on top and BOOM! You have yourself a delicious, sugar free treat you won’t believe is healthy. Just TRY eating only one.

(Remember to use maple syrup sparingly! A little goes a long way! I used 1/2 tsp on each.)

I hope you will try this one and let me know!

Love – Kristi Nicole






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