TINY Laundry Room Makeover for 65$ !!

Am I the only person that is super productive when their spouse leaves for the weekend? It’s like FINALLY I can focus on a project without distractions and I can do it the way I want and not have to negotiate about it. Freeeeedddooommmm!!

(Can you tell we’ve been married for a few years?)

I was excited to finally get my laundry room to a point where I didn’t hate being in it. While I don’t think that having a nice space to do laundry will make me enjoy the act of folding more, I did think that revamping the space would take my anxiety level down a few notches.


See my pain.

I went for the cheap fix. Alex wanted to tear out the shelves and put in an all new organization system. I waited a year. Now it’s my turn.

Here’s what I bought:

  • Brushed Nickel Shower Rod – 15$ TJ MAXX
  • 84″ Curtain Panels – Pack of 2 – 25$ TJ MAXX
  • Laundry Basket – 15$ TJ MAXX
  • Wall Decal – 10$ – Amazon
  • Light Bulbs (Soft White) – 5$
  • White Trim Paint – 0$ (Left over from another project)
  • Wall Paint – 0$ (Left Over) – Olympic 5006-2C “Sable Evening” – Semigloss 


I re-did the room in one day. I only wish I had done this sooner!

I knew that to make the white cabinet and washer/dryer pop I needed some contrast. I went with the same color I used to paint my fireplace and cabinets in the Star Wars bathroom. I tried using a white curtain initially, but it was too much dark and white, so I toned it down with a neutral blue grey curtain that I love!! I got the laundry basket from TJ Maxx as a basket  to replace the ugly plastic ones. (I still use the plastic ones for carrying laundry but not to collect laundry.)

Now that this room is done I can relax a bit. Ahhhh. And for only 65$ I don’t have to go through the 3 stages of buyers remorse. High five for that! Sometimes you just gotta do it YOUR way!


Even though I kept the vinyl flooring, it doesn’t bother me anymore. Plus that’s an easy fix for later!


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